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Don Budd
A typical street in a
Redlight district near Olongapo
"Let my heart be broken with the things that break God's heart"
- Bob Piercen

For many years, since his first YWAM outreach to SE Asia in 1995, Don has been associated on a part time volunteer basis with the YWAM Olongapo ministry - located approximately 3 hours drive northwest of Manila, in the Philippines.
Ywam Olongapo began in 1984 in an attempt to reach out with the love of Jesus to the thousands of young filipina prostitutes in the hundreds of disco's, clubs and bars in the Olongapo/Subic Bay area. Attracted by the booming economy as a result of the huge US military presence there, these girls (sometimes as young as 12 yrs of age) were often sent by their own parents to find work in Olongapo, in order to support the family back home. Tired, lonely and vulnerable, many of these precious girls tragically ended up tricked, manipulated, or forced into a life of sin and misery. The good news is that, over the years, Ywam Olongapo has seen more than 500 girls choose to leave the darkness and start a new life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Don Budd
Inside one of the hundreds
of bars near Olongapo
Since the US military officially pulled out of the Philippine Islands in 1992, the number of prostitutes has decreased significantly, however at the time of this writing there are still more than 1000 (registered) "Bar girls" within 20 Km of Olongapo City. These girls service the foreigners who live there, come to visit and/or more recently, newly dispatched US Navy personel due to post 911 (Sept 11, 2001) and Afganistan deployment exercises. These men (and even foreign lesbian women) come to take advantage of the cheap alcohol and available young women. Ywam Olongapo has committed to reach out to these girls for as long as God Guides and Provides.
Through the years, Don has served the Lord in numerous and exciting ways as a part-time volunteer of this ministry. Specifically he's been involved in the following ways; Night club, hospital, prison and street kids evangelistic outreaches... Teaching guitar & piano lessons to the young women in the program (and at times to their children)... Leading worship and bible studies... Helping with building maintenance needs... And really, just trying his best to be an example of pure and Godly love to all those God brings into his life.
While Don is home in Canada, the USA, or even visiting other Asian countries, he continues to represent Ywam Olongapo in anyway he can - normally using his personal abilities, talents and giftings to raise awareness, prayer and financial support for the ongoing needs of the ministry. Many of us realize that Christian ministry has become very "creative" in these last days and Don has kept very busy weaving his love and talent for music, golf, business, aviation and friendship into the mission the Lord has called him into.

Don Budd
Former "bargirls" getting
ready for bible study at YWAM.
At the time this website was being designed (April 2005) Don was in the northern Philippines searching for land to begin an exciting new (non YWAM) ministry of "Hospitality".(For more details click here). Actually, if you were to examine any 12 month period over the past 13 years, you'd soon discover that since leaving his aviation career to volunteer with Ywam in 1992, Don has been almost anywhere but at home in Canada. **For those of you who's first language is not english...this means that Don is away from home more than he's there...! However, those who know him best would agree, that he's thinking seriously about settling down - and we're all hoping he'll have someone special at his side when that happens...weaving his abilities into the mission the Lord has called him to.
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